Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Tourism always been valuable in France.

France has a scientific identity distinct from its world image of a country of wine and high fashion aficionados. The French have given us the metric system, hot air balloons, the aqualung, aneroid barometer, and the Cassegrain telescope.

Concorde and Boeing

France had a big hand in developing the supersonic aircraft Concorde in collaboration with the British. It ruled the airways over the Atlantic for 27 years before it was retired. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is also an example of advanced French technology in aircraft designing.

French Observatories

Paris Observatory: France is the perfect destination for Tourism and Travel for people interested in space and astronomy. The Paris Observatory is the premier establishment in France. It is famous for its study of astronomy and astrophysics. It is a grand research institute. It is more than 300 years old. The observatory was built to give technical support to the seafaring citizens of France who had conquered many areas of the world.

Marseilles Observatory: Observatoire de Marseille is located near Marseilles. It was established in the nineteenth century and is famous for the discovery of galaxies called Stephan’s Quintet in 1877.

Nice Observatory: Observatoire de Nice is located on Mont Gros in Nice. It was also established in the nineteenth century. It has now been merged with CERGA which itself was dissolved in 2004. France is a very prosperous country. It had a great Empire, which extended to Asia, Africa and the Americas. Therefore, it has been a leading nation in scientific discoveries too. This is evident from its great scientific museums.

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